Monthly Archives: April 2014

Digital Studies Launched in Ireland

A new Digital Studies Seminar that encompasses participation from GradCAM@DIT and ATRL & DAH  @TCD started on Thursday 13 March 2014, in the Longroom Hub, Trinity College.

Starting in the autumn of 2014 the seminar will meet regularly with a view to discussing a text circulated several weeks in advance of the meeting. The seminar is affiliated with the Digital Studies Network inaugurated by the Institute for Research and Innovation, at the Pompidou Centre, in Paris, with a view to building an international forum for cultural critique and debate. The outcome of the seminar will be a joint publication.

The goal of the seminar is:

  • To promote transdisciplinary discussions in relation to a new field of inquiry entitled ‘Digital Studies’; Digital Studies is understood as including the impact of digital technologies on the construction of epistemology in techno-scientific domains as well as new areas of humanities research.
  • To explore the implications of Digital Studies as a praxis and as a means of reharnessing digital technologies for therapeutic means through new modes of editorialisation, new modes of teaching, new modes of research and new modes of artistic expression.
  • To found an annual international and bilingual publication / journal relating to findings discussed in the discourse.