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New Dates Announced for Digital Studies Seminar, Autumn 2014.

We are pleased to announce the Autumn 2014 series of Digital Studies Seminars. These will be centralised around a reading of Bernard Stiegler’s Symbolic Misery – Volume 1: The Hyperindustrial Epoch.

All three seminars will take place in the new Gradcam Seminar Room, on DIT’s new campus at Grangegorman.

The dates and topics of discussion are as follows:

Wednesday 24 September @ 17h30 – A Review of Stieglerian Terminology: An overview of terminology, and thus, of the concepts themselves. This will be very useful to anyone new to Stiegler’s writings.

Wednesday 15 October @ 17h30Stiegler and Heidegger: How, if at all, has Stiegler developed Heidegger’s theories?

Wednesday 29 October @ 17h30Stiegler and the Frankfurt School: How has Stiegler progressed and extended the Frankfurt Schools tradition of cultural critique?

We look forward to discussing the topics with everyone.

Digital Studies — Dublin Paris #1

Below is the inaugural Digital Studies conversation between IRI (Institute of Research and Innovation), Paris, and GradCAM (Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media), Dublin. The atelier took place on 12 May 2014. The conversation revolves primarily around Bernard Stiegler’s philosophical concept of the Pharmakon.

The two texts that were used to catalyse the conversation were the introduction to Technics and Time 1 (Pages 1–18), and “A rational theory of Miracles: On Pharmacology and Transindividuation” (An Interview with Bernard Stiegler). It is possible to annotate the video on line if you have an account on the Lignes de Temps platform.

The sound quality is not great at the Dublin end, because the conference was conducted over Google Hangouts. Nevertheless it is audible and we intend to improve this in the future.