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Two final seminar dates confirmed for 2014

The last two seminars for the 2014 calendar have been announced.

Both seminars will take place in  DIT’s teleconferencing suite on the new campus at Grangegorman. The seminar will include the participation of Durham University (lead by Dr. Gerald Moore).

The dates are as follows:

Wednesday 19 November 2014 — Supplementary Reading: “DOING AND SAYING STUPID THINGS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: bêtise and animality in deleuze and derrida.”

Wednesday 10 December 2014 — Supplementary Reading:

  1. The first chapter of Art Futures: ‘The Age of De-proletarianisation: Art and teaching art in post-consumerist culture’, by Bernard Stiegler.
  2. ‘The Proletarianization of Sensibility’, by Bernard Stiegler.

Discussion will revolve around the recent publication in English, of Symbolic Misery, Vol.1: The Hyperindustrial Epoch.